Palermo Centre

Palermo Centre

Palermo is the capital of Sicily, city of art with an ancient history, founded by the Phoenicians in 734 BC, with a unique architectural and artistic heritage: includes the remains of the Punic walls to reach the villas in art nouveau style, going from style residences Arab-Norman, the baroque churches and neoclassical theaters. It 'was among the largest cities in the Mediterranean, for cultural, economic and geographical, is today among the main tourist destinations of southern Italy. Hotel Palazzo Sitano is located in Via Vittorio Emanuele, in the historic heart of the city, near Piazza Marina and Porta Felice. Palazzo Sitano is the beginning of a journey to discover the city of Palermo.

Palazzo Sitano ed il FAI Giovani di Palermo

The Hotel Palazzo Sitano is proud to support worthy initiatives promoted by the Group FAI Giovani di Palermo.

The Hotel Palazzo Sitano hosted the press conference to present the second edition of "FAIMARATHON, the only marathon that you are running with your eyes."
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A few steps from Palazzo Sitano

Take a stroll through the historic centre of Palermo to discover a city rich in art, culture and traditions – just a few steps from the Hotel Palace Sitano. Here are some useful links: - - Palazzo Abatellis - La Basilica di S. Francesco d'Assisi - Museo Internazionale delle Marionette - Palazzo Mirto - Teatro Biondo - Teatro Massimo

The Festino di Santa Rosalia from the roof terrace of Palazzo Sitano

The cult of Santa Rosalia is still very much alive in Palermo: every year, on July 14-15, the traditional "Festino" is held. Climax of the event are the fireworks display on the night of the 14th and the procession in Rosalia's honour on the 15th.
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